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Online Conference Photo Album

There’s no picture for this post. That’s because I’m providing you with a link to 105 pictures. It’s an online Flickr photo album of pictures from the conference. Some you’ve seen and some you haven’t.

So, use this link: 2006 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

It will take you to the photo album set where you can look at them individually or there’s a slide show feature if you’d like to watch them change automatically.

It was a great conference and we hope to see you all again.

The Board of Directors With Willie

NBB Board With WillieHere’s the Board of Directors for the National Biodiesel Board.

They got their picture taken with Willie too.

The NBB Staff With Willie

NBB Staff With WillieThe NBB staff got to have their picture taken with Willie.

I don’t know about you but these folks put on a heck of a conference!

Let’s see how it goes next year when we double the attendance again.

A Multi-Fuel Depot

Fuel Depot PricesI don’t know how many places you’ll see this many types of fuel for sale.

This is at the Pearson Ford Fuel Deport where we had Wednesday’s big promotion with Willie.

I know it’s a little hard to see on a small picture but besides your regular types of unleaded you’ll find ethanol, diesel, bio-diesel, natural gas and propane.

Interview With The Chairman

The Chairman of the National Biodiesel Board is Darryl Brinkman. He’s a farmer from Illinois and was one busy man this week.

In the interview he talks about the mood of the people attending the conference. He describes how the NBB got started with soybean checkoff dollars and that he thinks it’s been a wise investment.

You can listen my interview with Darryl here: Darryl Brinkman Interview (4:02 min. MP3 File)

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All The Award Winners

Award WinnersHere’s a picture of all the “Eye On Biodiesel Award” winners.

They are (l to r): Willie & Annie Nelson, Don Borgman/John Deere, Bob McCormick/National Renewable Energy Lab, and Jim Evanoff/Yellowstone National Park.

You can download the news release here.

Interview With Biodiesel America Author

Josh Tickell is the “Biodiesel America” author who spoke at the first general session of the conference. I got to sit down with him for a personal interview.

Although I asked him not to give away the exciting ending of the book Josh does pretty well summarize what you’ll find if you buy his book. You can order it from his website.

You can listen my interview with Josh here: Josh Tickell Interview (5:46 min. MP3 File)

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Interview With Greg Anderson

As you probably know, we’ve created a series of podcasts from most of the audio files and interviews that’s I’ve created at the conference. One of the interviews I conducted was with NBB board member, Greg Anderson, a farmer from Nebraska. When I mentioned podcasting to him he pulled his iPod Nano out of his pocket. How cool is that?

Greg talks about the excitement he feels for the industry and how much it means to the farm community.

You can listen my interview with Greg here: Greg Anderson Interview (6:34 min. MP3 File)

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Wednesday With Willie

The conference closed with a live XM Satellite Radio broadcast in the ballroom that featured Willie Nelson and several people like NBB CEO Joe Jobe. The show is Bill Mack, The Satellite Cowboy, on the Open Road channel (171).

I know there’s a lot of interest in getting copies of the show and that’s being looked into as a possibility. For now though you can hear part of the show and we’ll update you if we have any new information on the broadcast later.

You can listen to the first part of the broadcast here: Wednesday With Willie (17:28) min. MP3 File)

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Pumping BioWillie At Pearson’s

We had a big promotional event today at Pearson Ford Fuel Depot here in San Diego. This took place after the conference which is why I haven’t posted much since this morning. I’ll be having a lot more in the next several days so stay with me. Back to today though. Willie Nelson Biodiesel, the company in which Nelson is a partner, and Pearson Ford Fuels in San Diego have joined forces with distributor Plavan Petroleum to create California’s first fulltime “BioWillie” B20 retail outlet. BioWillie is the singer’s unique brand of fuel.

Read the news release here.

You can listen to what Willie told them right here: Willie Pump Promotion (3:58 min. MP3 File)

There was a private audience event with Willie prior to the stage event with the pulic and I took a short video clip of it which you can watch here: Private Audience With Willie (2:07 wmv file)

We all know how important farmers are in this renewable fuel effort and National Biodiesel Board member Greg Anderson, who farms in Nebraska, was invited on stage to make a few comments. He’s the one in the picture at the far left. Next to him is National Biodiesel Board member Eric Neiman, a farmer from Kansas, then Willie and on the right is the Executive Director of the Nebraska Soybean Board, Victor Bohuslavsky. You can listen to Greg’s comments on stage here: Greg Anderson Comments (1:57 min. MP3 File)

Willie & Annie Nelson Win Award

Willie & AnnieWillie Nelson and his wife Annie received an “Eye On Biodiesel Award” from the National Biodiesel Board this morning. Later, I was able to interview both of them during his big media event at the Pearson Ford Fuel Depot where they announced that they would begin selling “Bio-Willie.”

You can listen to my interview with Willie and Annie here: Willie & Annie Nelson Interview (2:00 min. MP3 File)

It’s always nice to see what’s going on too. I’ve got a short video clip of Willie on stage at the fuel pump promotion: BioWillie Pump Promotion (:39 wmv file)

They had a band which I assume was Willie’s band playing before and after the press conference at Pearson Ford Fuel Depot. You can listen to a song they wrote about Willie buying the Carl’s Corner fuel station in Texas here: Song About Willie (2:51 min. MP3 File)

Willie Nelson Press Conference

Willie NelsonI’m guessing that you are wondering what Willie Nelson had to say. I’ll have a lot more Willie here later today or tomorrow. I recorded his press conference and you can listen to his answers to questions from the reporters. Unfortunately we weren’t able to record the questions.

You can listen to the Willie Nelson press conference here: Willie Nelson Press Conference (7:20 min. MP3 File)

I also recorded a short video clip from the press conference when Willie was being introduced to the members of the board of directors of NBB. You can watch it here: Willie Press Conference Video (1:55 wmv file)

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NBB Staff Photo With Emily

Group Photo With EmilyAfter the concert last night it was time for a little group love.

I’ll plug Emily’s website one more time if you’d like to find out how to order her music. You can find her using this link.

The Biodiesel Guitarist

Jason BrockJust in case you want to see what the rest of the guitarist/guitar looks like. Since I only showed part of it in the last post.

This is Jason Brock and you can find him on his website at Song Server.

Guitar Powered By Biodiesel

Biodiesel GuitarThis guiter is powered by biodiesel. Well, actually it’s powered by guitarist Jason Brock who is also covering the conference as a reporter.

You can find out more about what he’s up to on Song Server, his website.

Emily Richards Concert Pictures

Emily Richards ConcertWe had a great time last night at the Emily Richards Concert.

I’m going to post several pictures from it before moving on to Willie Nelson who is currently on the XM Satellite Radio broadcast in the closing session.

Emily Richards In Concert

Emily RichardsEmily Richards gave a great performance last night at 4th & B. One of the songs she played was dedicated to the people in the biodiesel business. It’s the same one I provided a link to yesterday (Sacrifice) and it’s included in the section of her concert that I edited out for you here.

You can listen to a couple of Emily’s songs from last night here: Emily Richards Concert (10:23 min. MP3 File)

It’s always nice to “see” things as well as hear them so I have a short video clip from last night you can watch too: Emily Richards In Concert (5:06 wmv file)

Rebecca Opens For Emily

Rebecca FitzsimmonsBefore the Emily Richards concert last night we heard Rebecca Fitzsimmons sing.

You can listen to her set here: Rebecca Fitzsimmons Set (9:38) min. MP3 File)

The Ride & Drive

Ride and DriveI mentioned the Ride & Drive before and never actually got a chance to do it myself.

During the first two days of the conference you could take a spin around San Diego in the latest diesel vehicles like this Dodge Ram 2500.

Other vehicles that were available included a Jeep Liberty CRD, Volkswagon Jetta TDI and Chevy Express 2500.

See the release on, DaimlerChrysler Approves Use of B20 in 2007 Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks here.

The Emily Richards Session

Emily RichardsTonight we get to see Emily Richards perform. Emily is a singer/songwriter that vocally supports biodiesel. She really looks good on a bike too!

I interviewed Emily earlier in the day to learn about why and how she supports renewable fuels. Emily says biodiesel is bada*s! You can learn more about her on her website.

You can listen to my interview with Emily here: Emily Richards Interview (5:12 min. MP3 File)

You can hear what Emily sounds like (with permission) here: Emily Richards – Sacrifice (5:25 min. MP3 File)

You can watch a short video clip of the motorcycle in action, although not with Emily on it here: Green Motorcycle Demo (:41 wmv file)

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