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A Multi-Fuel Depot

Fuel Depot PricesI don’t know how many places you’ll see this many types of fuel for sale.

This is at the Pearson Ford Fuel Deport where we had Wednesday’s big promotion with Willie.

I know it’s a little hard to see on a small picture but besides your regular types of unleaded you’ll find ethanol, diesel, bio-diesel, natural gas and propane.


  • February 11, 2006 — 5:08 am

    Kari Lemons

    How the heck is the biodiesel fuel priced at 2.79, is that how much B20 is around the country? We are paying 3.30-3.65 for B99.9 every where else in the state of CA. I hope they have a state varience or they are selling illegally and with all the hoopla and press, the investigator with be by if they dont. They werent on the list when I got it from the varience office last week…. Retail sale is not allowed, are they doing a users group and providing the consumer education like the varience law requires?

    That sign should really say B20.
    Kari Lemons
    Outreach and Education Director
    Biodiesel Council of California

  • February 11, 2006 — 9:33 pm

    SaraHope Smith

    Indeed they are selling B20. It says so on their pumps, but not on their street signage. I brought this up to a few folks there pointing out how it was a disservice as an educational center for multiple fuels. By labelling their signage as Biodiesel, when infact they are selling a blend it mis-impresses folks that “Biodiesel” has petroleum in it, when as we all know this is not true when one is using their terminology correctly. It burdens the rest of us in the state/region to have to do proper re-education.

  • February 15, 2006 — 3:30 pm

    Rick Jones

    This brings up a question I’ve had for some time.

    There is titrated B100 biodiesel, then there’s what’s being called biodiesel around here, B20.
    As it turns out, our B20 is merely a mix of 80% petrol diesel, and 20% brand new soybean oil, no titrated biodiesel in the mix. As a common term, “biodiesel” seems to be used as not only the chemically changed grease, but also petrol diesel cut with pure grease, or bioD. Thoughts?

  • February 17, 2006 — 10:08 am


    Thoughts? Yes – people are using the term biodiesel erroneously! Real biodiesel is vegetable oil or fat (can be animal or veggie) that has gone thru transesterification (a chemical process). (BTW – titration is merely a measurement, not a process that changes things).
    But you’re right that the term Biodiesel is being used too loosely, and the media is not being diligent to find the facts!

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