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Next Gen Scientists Share Biodiesel Research

Students who are part of the Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel had the opportunity to share their research during the recent National Biodiesel Conference and Expo. The students all have one thing in common – their passion for the biodiesel industry.

nbb-16-thomas-kwanI spoke with several of these budding biodiesel leaders during the poster session. Thomas Kwan is a PhD candidate at Yale and is part of the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering. While doing his undergraduate he looked at emissions from diesel fuel, particularly locomotives. He then leveraged this interest into looking not at the tailpipe, but the fuels themselves for emission reductions.

Thomas’s research is framed around an integrated biorefinery with algae as the foundation. In other words, the “plant” accepts some biomass and then produces biodiesel and other biobased products. Enabling technologies for the idea of an integrated biorefinery. Used micro algae that has high content for biodiesel lipids as well as other compounds, in particular, astaxanthin, a powerful antioxident. IN the case of algae, the bioproduct is not yet approved for human consumption but Thomas hopes this research will help change that. Ultimately, they looked at how to tweak the biorefinery to get more lipids for biodiesel, or to get more astaxanthin. To learn more, listen to my interview with Thomas Kwan here: Interview with Thomas Kwan


Clemson University Biosystems Engineering students Eric Monroe and William O’Connell, present their biodiesel research during the poster session.

William O’Connell is a senior at Clemson University in Biosystems Engineering. He became interested in biodiesel while doing his undergraduate research, and then attended the conference last year. He’s back and this year presented his research during the poster session.

The focus on the project is to reanalyze the school’s current process of collecting used cooking oil and converting it to biodiesel. William said they are looking to see if there is a more efficient way to produce the biofuel. What they have discovered is using interesterification is more efficient. To learn more, listen to my interview with William O’Connell here: Interview with William O'Connell

nbb-16-james-davisJames Davis is in his fourth year of his PhD at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has a keen interest in fatty acids of seed crops such as canola or camelina sativa. He explained that his research is focused on altering the lipid profile of camelina sativa.

The idea is to apply a cutting edge gene editing technology to knock out certain genes. Essentially, his goal is two-fold. One, to alter the fingerprint of the lipid profile and they are also trying to eradicate erucic acid, a semi-negative toxic lipid that is bad for livestock making camelina seed meal restricted for use in feeding livestock. James notes that if they can get rid of some of the negative profile, they can create a more high-value byproduct. To learn more, listen to my interview with James Davis here: Interview with James Davis

2016 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

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Not only is Bill O’Reilly looking out for you; but he’s looking out for God. While he used to be obsessed with Miley Cyrus, he’s now obsessed with God. “The Factor,” of late, has been a place for theological exegesis where God loving Bill can Cheap Snapbacks “kick” atheist “butt” and do his best “Summa Theologica” with his fellow God loving travelers one of whom, he thought, was Dennis Miller.

cheap snapbacks “I think our guys and our coaches were extremely frustrated,” Duryea said. “To hold BYU to the percentages and the score that we held them to, that very rarely happens. When you feel like you did an effective job guarding them and then didn’t close out possessions with rebounds and with toughness and doing the simple, fundamental things, that is really frustrating.” cheap snapbacks.

the other flashing a peace sign

One is grinning, the other flashing a peace sign, each over what appears to be their dead grandmothers. It the funeral selfie. Although they rarely include the guest of honour, they the target of Quebec funeral directors, who recently pleaded with people to stop taking and posting them.

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fake oakleys Hello Michael, over the last 20+ years I’ve seen alot of teams build alot of stadiums in every sport, and I can tell you the actions of the Chargers last week follow a very familiar script that has been used countless times to ultimately get a deal done. Now there is no guarantee, but I would just say this to Chargers fans there will be a few more high and low points before a “final” answer, but I would say that 80% of the time the team ultimately gets a solution worked out with their city. Thanks.. fake oakleys

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cheap oakley sunglasses Police and city officials have lamented the flood of illegal guns into the city, and the crime statistics appeared to support their claims: Police recovered 8,300 illegal guns in 2016, a 20 per cent increase from the previous year. Cities that have seen a spike in violence, including in attacks on police. He said anger at police, including in the wake of video released that showed a white Chicago officer shooting a black teenager 16 times, has left criminals to violent crimes.. cheap oakley sunglasses

cheap oakleys “But there’s many ways to make it to WWE. Our career path isn’t necessarily the only way or even the best way, but for us and the kind of performers we are, there was really no other way. For us, there was no other option. PGP is now a company that sells a proprietary encryption program by the same name. OpenPGP is the open protocol that cheap ray bans defines how PGP encryption works, and GnuPG (GPG for short) is free software, and compatible with the proprietary version. GPG is more popular than PGP today because it free for everyone to download, and many people trust it more because it open source (see below) cheap oakleys.

Be willing to take full

Be willing to take full, 100% responsibility for behaving in a way that makes you feel worthy, safe and powerful. Be willing to be who you really are rather than trying to impress. I once bowled at Frank Woolley in a Test match and he was one of England’s greatest players and I got him out about the fourth ball, I think. I got him caught at short square leg by Stan McCabe. I met Woolley about a fortnight later, and at about this time he was getting towards the end of his career, and he said to me, “Bill, they put me in that fifth Test with the one job, which was to hit you out of the game.” I said, “I knew it, Frank, because the England journalists have been saying that I am no good against left handers, and so when you came in, I think you only got two runs.” He said, “Yes, and do you know what? They didn’t even tell me that you bowled a wrong’un!” He hit a little dolly catch up in the air to square leg..

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pandora bracelets The latest latte versions are a comforting, autumnal alternative to that other fall weather drink, the pumpkin spice latte. But unlike the homemade versions, these coffeehouse turmeric lattes are made with more grandeur: turmeric powder or the freshly pressed root is mixed with frothed nondairy milk such as soy, coconut, macadamia or almond. A natural sweetener or in house syrup cuts the astringency and bitterness. pandora bracelets

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replica oakleys “Extremely well made” was Phillips’s

Saturday, the West Ferris Legion will be hosting Christmas in July, a late afternoon lunch where guests will be invited to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner.The meal will consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, turnips, green peas, apple cranberry stuffing, gravy and a Christmas pudding.long as there’s food, we’ll keep serving, said Oakley.more people that come out, the more money we can send to the communities. Cost of each plate will be $15 with all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society.replica oakley sunglasses Takeouts will also be available so emergency responders, firefighters, police officers, corrections officers and other public servants will be able to enjoy a delicious meal.this donation will help the people who are trying to cure this terrible disease, and help them get one step closer to finding the cure, Oakley said.Oakley said that in addition to providing services for its veterans, reaching out into the community is the major focus of the legion.

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cheap oakleys Other companies have to get creative. Is where the fun part starts, says Goodstein. Try to match their brands to the theme of the Olympics with commercials that blur the line between the program and the ad. ENTERING AUTO: On May 27, Deputy Tyler Hanley met with a resident of Maplewood Lane, Hull, who said someone entered his vehicle and stole a pair of Oakley sun glasses and a GPS unit. Highway 29, Hull, where employees said two shoplifting suspects had run into the woods next to some nearby mobile homes. The deputy drove into the area and saw a woman running. cheap oakleys

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who is the greatest quarterback

who is the greatest quarterback in philadelphia eagles franchise history

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The White Sox went 375 435 but finished with losing records the past four years after an 85 77 debut in 2012. They finished fourth in the AL Central at 78 84 despite a 23 10 start that gave them a six game lead in the AL Central on May 9. They went 55 74 the rest of the way thanks to injuries, a slumping offence and struggling bullpen..

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Guys like Nate can feast on everything from bean based pastas and tempeh or tofu twists on typical entr dishes to healthful bowls of oatmeal, berries, and nuts. The end result is more energy, fewer preserved foods tenuously digesting, and a built in weight maintenance diet. About a month went by that I didn eat cheese or milk, and then after the fight was done I got a big bowl of Fettucine Alfredo, and I was like, I get to eat what I want.

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cheap jerseys A perfect thing to do when your kid is getting ready to take off and leave the nest, she said. Cheap therapy. Compares the art of quilting to child rearing. Trump faltered on policy questions at times during the primary cheap jerseys debates. At one point he appeared unfamiliar with the concept of the nuclear triad, which includes intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine launched missiles and strategic bombers. On another occasion, he seemed unaware China was not part of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal.. cheap jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china Three images of the GFSmodel output for Friday into Saturday (Christmas Eve) have been posted here. Thedata and images show mean sea level pressure,precipitation, and thickness. It looks like the possibility of light snow is in the forecast for Friday night and into very early Saturday for Rockford at this moment Cheap Jerseys china.

He was thinking of going back

“He was thinking of going back, to Atlanta, but he didn’t tell me what happened. He said everything was going to be OK. He didn’t have anything to hide from anybody.”Oakley is wanted on murder charges by police in the stabbing deaths of Richard Lollar, 24, and Jacinth Baker, 21, outside an Atlanta nightclub Jan.

replica oakley sunglasses Nease took home the “Battle of the Bridge” title with the win as senior quarterback Tyler Weir returned from an ankle injury to throw for 207 yards and three touchdowns, including two to receiver James Abbatinozzi. Running back Devin Flynn also returned from an ankle injury, gaining 83 yards on 15 carries. The Nease defense kept its team in the game, helping overcome the Panthers’ 10 penalties for 80 yards. replica oakley sunglasses

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Be happy with Marcus Bent

Six weeks earlier, Ogwyn was at Mount Everest base camp ready to climb to the 29,000 foot summit, strap on a wingsuit, and jump off for the largest live audience (224 countries) in television history. The plan was to plunge 10,000 feet like a flying squirrel at 150 miles per hour. But then the deadliest avalanche in Everest’s history buried 16 Sherpas, including five on Ogwyn’s payroll, closing the mountain and turning his record breaking expedition into a body recovery effort.

replica oakleys Be happy with Marcus Bent or Gary McSheffrey but I expect so would some Championship clubs. We should try to sign David Carney from Sheffield United, someone said he was for sale on here, don’t know if it was true. We should sign JP Saeijs although it does look like we are only signing British players. We should try to sign David Carney from Sheffield United, someone said he was for sale on here, don’t know if it was true. We should sign JP Saeijs although it does look like we are only signing British players. We should still sign Danny Livesey from Carlisle! And what’s this about Jaidi maybe being given a work permit? Good feeling about the Brentford match, I predict 3 1 Saints.[/p][/quote]jaidi gettign work permit!? is he!??.. replica oakleys

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replica oakley sunglasses Mountain Mama, a family owned natural food store on the west side, finished second in this competition 14 times before taking our top prize. But to many locals it has always been No. 1. Billboard ranked “The Storyteller Tour” as the top country tour for the first half of 2016 a time period during which she performed for close to 600,000 people in 47 cities and seven countries. The success earned the singer her first nomination from the Country Music Association for Entertainer on the Year. It’s recognition many in the country music industry believe was a long time coming for Underwood, who has hosted the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley since 2008 replica oakley sunglasses.

HomenewsHeadlinesPipeline protesters

HomenewsHeadlinesPipeline protesters optimistic, will stay in campsDog found in rubble of downtown Sioux Falls building 48 hours after it collapsedFirefighters pull woman from Red RiverFeds won’t grant permission to finish controversial pipeline, ND officials blame ObamaNew view of neighborhood: Fargo to research what to do in Roosevelt areasportsHeadlinesScoreboardWentz, Eagles battered in CincinnatiGophers accept bid to Holiday Bowl in San Diego Dec. 27Cook: Coaxing the Supermoon buck into rangeWhen the lakes freeze, these are the places where the fish are hidingSheSaysHeadlinesVisiting plans for loved one with Alzheimer must be adjustableThere no age based life on senior ability to live independentlyTwitter Talk: Mapleton teacher spoke about using technology in the classroom at Twitter headquartersTiming matters for vitamins, mineralsA vote for baby futurevarietyHeadlinesScotch draws today headlines / Dec. 5, 2016Evergreen ways to spruce up home for the holidaysAway from Home: Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaA reminder to slow down, be thankfulSwift: Future self and now self often in conflictbusinessHeadlinesUsher House to quit serving lunch in order to focus on evening meal and catering business New Jimmy John location has opened in West FargoHires and promotions (Dec.

cheap Football Snapback We have exactly 11 days until Demo Day here at Techstars and I have gotten my pitch (with extensive help from Nicole) to a point where I can focus on memorization and delivery. As I sit here and look at the paper, my mind registers the words, but they feel like glancing blows in a fight they just bounce off my brain. Nothing hits hard enough to stick.. cheap Football Snapback

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Cheap Snapbacks I pored over previous wedding topics on The RiotACT and many of the recommendations are very large, swanky, expensive establishments that require a large party to book. We after a small, private place that could wine and dine 30 or so people, but preferably not a sports club. Something in the loose vicinity of Civic like a cosy traditional pub with good food, a restaurant or a small hotel would be great, but I don know if there are such places that would do a private wedding reception.. Cheap Snapbacks

Cheap NBA Snapbacks Several dozen people came out in the rain to protest a prosecutor’s decision not to charge a Charlotte police officer in the shooting of a man that caused two nights of violent protests in North Carolina’s largest city.Media outlets reported that the protesters gathered supreme hats Wednesday evening outside Charlotte police headquarters. They remained calm, chanting and waving signs.Many of them say they don’t believe Charlotte Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray’s report that Keith Scott had a gun in his hands when he was shot Sept. 20.They also don’t believe that black officer Bradley Vinson shot Scott Cheap NBA Snapbacks.

We successful when we play the smart

We successful when we play the smart north game that Hitch always talks about it. It works for us and we have to make sure we stick to that. Players said they sensed a diluted energy from the beginning of Tuesday loss. Was a great effort from the defense. We are a work in progress, but we are getting better, Downing said. Have a lot of potential to be a pretty good defensive unit.

wholesale nfl jerseys from china The amount has not been confirmed by Sullivan, who said the particulars of a personnel issue cannot be discussed until it’s resolved. Sullivan did say the offer was for Hankins to stop working immediately and he’d be let go on a without cause basis. He is entitled to some severance and those particulars are not yet determined, Sullivan said.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

The Police if they get involved have one pointed question to ask, “was the dog, as required by law, on a lead, cheap jerseys yes or no, is all we need to know”. Massive part of the investigation done. If it wasn’t then the owner needs prosecution, and by law the dog put down.

cheap jerseys “Delta Gamma is committed to diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, physical disability or other characteristics protected by state or federal law. Membership is open to women and transgender persons who identify themselves as women. Delta Gamma encourages an atmosphere which will foster the high ideals of friendship among women, promote their educational and cultural interests, create in them a true sense of social responsibility and develop in them the best qualities of character.”. cheap jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys Acquire. Direct. Link. Katusha have revamped their image and moved from the chaotic red and white kit of 2015 to a slicker, all red kit in 2016. Will stick with their navy blue, lime green and pink design in 2016. Have expanded the white section over the shoulders of their jersey, but otherwise the design is unchanged.. cheap nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys from china They also met with other student veterans at UT at the end of the school year. “The brand lends itself to a fundraiser for the veterans and an event will help them assimilate into the college,” said Craig Fernandes. “We hope that through word of mouth, sororities and fraternities will use it as fundraisers. Cheap Jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys from china Throughout his career, Gallogly has been involved in a broad spectrum of industries, businesses and investment cycles. Gallogly served on President Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness from 2010 to 2012 and the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board from 2008 to 2010. He currently serves on the Columbia Business School Board of Overseers, the board of trustees of The Economic Club of New York, as well as the advisory council of the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project wholesale jerseys from china.