Willie & Annie Nelson Win Award

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Willie & AnnieWillie Nelson and his wife Annie received an “Eye On Biodiesel Award” from the National Biodiesel Board this morning. Later, I was able to interview both of them during his big media event at the Pearson Ford Fuel Depot where they announced that they would begin selling “Bio-Willie.”

You can listen to my interview with Willie and Annie here: Willie & Annie Nelson Interview (2:00 min. MP3 File)

It’s always nice to see what’s going on too. I’ve got a short video clip of Willie on stage at the fuel pump promotion: BioWillie Pump Promotion (:39 wmv file)

They had a band which I assume was Willie’s band playing before and after the press conference at Pearson Ford Fuel Depot. You can listen to a song they wrote about Willie buying the Carl’s Corner fuel station in Texas here: Song About Willie (2:51 min. MP3 File)