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The Emily Richards Session

Emily RichardsTonight we get to see Emily Richards perform. Emily is a singer/songwriter that vocally supports biodiesel. She really looks good on a bike too!

I interviewed Emily earlier in the day to learn about why and how she supports renewable fuels. Emily says biodiesel is bada*s! You can learn more about her on her website.

You can listen to my interview with Emily here: Emily Richards Interview (5:12 min. MP3 File)

You can hear what Emily sounds like (with permission) here: Emily Richards – Sacrifice (5:25 min. MP3 File)

You can watch a short video clip of the motorcycle in action, although not with Emily on it here: Green Motorcycle Demo (:41 wmv file)

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  • February 11, 2006 — 2:04 pm

    Emily Richards

    Hi Chuck…Thanks for rockin’ at the Biodiesel Concert! Your support of this important cause is making a difference 🙂



  • March 25, 2006 — 5:08 pm

    Stephen John Miller

    Hi All,
    Nice site you all have and a great cause as well!
    Emily is an e-mail musician buddy of mine we met through when she was the #1 downloaded Artist with over 2 million downloads and myself and Pavarotti of course with Opera music couldn’t keep up! Haa, can’t beat good down home singing like Emily!
    Leave the Middle east Alone, we only import 17% percent of our Light Sweet Crude from there, the rest of our Oil comes from guess where? Canada, Spain, South America and our own Damn Pipe Line from Alaska!! So F**K the Middle east and leave those poor people alone, it is evil rich Americans that are the problem, hello? Wake the hell up!!
    OH! I do want everything to be sweet and pretty but TV and the News would be awe-fully boring if we weren’t all killing ourselves with Oil and Ciggerettes and Booze and OH! Lets NOT FORGET XANAX 2 MG’S either! AHHHH!~! I need a drink and two damn xanax 4 mg!1 now!! (‘.’)
    PEACE!! Ride electric Harley’s ok?? right and the 60’s protestor’s really made a difference as well, right? wrong, the damn U.S. Government would have killed them all and almost did and we got slaughtered bad in Nam! All the crying and yelling didn’t do squat, just smoke a joint and relax for God’s sake, God help me change what I can and to say F**K it when I can’t do sh*t..
    Love ya

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