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Interview With The Chairman

The Chairman of the National Biodiesel Board is Darryl Brinkman. He’s a farmer from Illinois and was one busy man this week.

In the interview he talks about the mood of the people attending the conference. He describes how the NBB got started with soybean checkoff dollars and that he thinks it’s been a wise investment.

You can listen my interview with Darryl here: Darryl Brinkman Interview (4:02 min. MP3 File)

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  • July 3, 2006 — 3:39 am


    I must congratulate Mr Brinkman for the terrific work that his organization is doing towards the adoption of greener fuels such as biodiesel…their web site ( )is one of the most useful resources I have come in the web as well…

    I have a couple of question for the NBB, esp with re to biodiesel feedstock…while currently the US relies primarily on soy & canola, what would the preferred feedstocks be, a couple of years down the line? I read about feedstock such as jatropha or karanj being more efficient, or even castor oil biodiesel being a more cost effective feedstock…there are many news items that are coming up on algae being a good feedstock…( @ provides a complete list of biodiesel feedstock being tried out)

    It will be useful if the NBB also came up with its clear recommendations in this regard…

    Some thoughts from the Home of BPO Online @ eBPO

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