Pumping BioWillie At Pearson’s

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We had a big promotional event today at Pearson Ford Fuel Depot here in San Diego. This took place after the conference which is why I haven’t posted much since this morning. I’ll be having a lot more in the next several days so stay with me. Back to today though. Willie Nelson Biodiesel, the company in which Nelson is a partner, and Pearson Ford Fuels in San Diego have joined forces with distributor Plavan Petroleum to create California’s first fulltime “BioWillie” B20 retail outlet. BioWillie is the singer’s unique brand of fuel.

Read the news release here.

You can listen to what Willie told them right here: Willie Pump Promotion (3:58 min. MP3 File)

There was a private audience event with Willie prior to the stage event with the pulic and I took a short video clip of it which you can watch here: Private Audience With Willie (2:07 wmv file)

We all know how important farmers are in this renewable fuel effort and National Biodiesel Board member Greg Anderson, who farms in Nebraska, was invited on stage to make a few comments. He’s the one in the picture at the far left. Next to him is National Biodiesel Board member Eric Neiman, a farmer from Kansas, then Willie and on the right is the Executive Director of the Nebraska Soybean Board, Victor Bohuslavsky. You can listen to Greg’s comments on stage here: Greg Anderson Comments (1:57 min. MP3 File)