Touring Direct Fuels Biodiesel

Chuck2010 Conference, Audio, Video

The media was treated to a biodiesel plant tour today at Direct Fuels Biodiesel in Euless, TX. It was a very comprehensive tour that included the facilities and learning about their process and even how they test for quality. Jacob McClernon, Quality Assurance Specialist is pictured showing us their cold soak filtration test. We also heard from Mark Farrer, Director … Read More

Media Ride and Drive

Chuck2010 Conference, Video

During today’s media ride and drive event I got to ride in a new Chevy truck that was fueled with B20 from Classic Clean Fuels. My driver was National Biodiesel Board Vice Chairman Gary Haer, Renewable Energy Group. Also along for the ride was Senior Communications Adviser for NBB, Jenna Higgins Rose. So ride along with us and hear about … Read More

Evening with Emily and Company

Cindy Zimmerman2009 Conference, Video

Wednesday’s reception was billed as an Evening With Emily Richards but the crowd got more than their money’s worth as they were entertained by many talented musicians. Emily is just incredible by herself, with amazing pipes and keyboard skills, and she has been appearing at the National Biodiesel Conference since 2004. She was accompanied once again this year by guitarist … Read More

Biodiesel is the Only One for Melissa Etheridge

Cindy Zimmerman2009 Conference, Video

Singer/song writer Melissa Etheridge has been a hit maker for two decades with songs like “I’m the Only One,” “Like the Way I Do,” “Breathe,” and “Bring Me Some Water.” Today, she was a certified hit at the National Biodiesel Conference with her inspirational story of how her battle with breast cancer led her to want to make a difference … Read More

Daryl Steals the Showcase

Cindy Zimmerman2009 Conference, Video

There were lots of vehicles on display at the Biodiesel Vehicle Showcase, but the one that stole the show was actress Daryl Hannah’s beloved El Camino – mainly because Daryl was there herself to show it off. Daryl, who is a huge biodiesel fan and an avid environmentalist, says this is her second biodiesel-powered El Camino. “My car loves to … Read More

Making Magic Happen with Biodiesel

John2008 Conference, Audio, Video

Universal Studios announced today that it will increase the amount of biodiesel it is using at the popular Orlando theme park. In a press conference today at the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo, David Winslow, Senior Director Engineering and Environmental Sustainability Technical Services, for NBC Universal, says the park is converting the ourboard engines that take guests from the … Read More

Riding & Driving with Michael Peterson

John2008 Conference, Video

One of the things the National Biodiesel Board is showing folks at this year’s convention (and outside the convention for that matter) is how biodiesel performs as well as, if not better than, any petroleum diesel out there. To prove the point, the board has a “Ride-and-drive” event where the general public can get behind the wheel of a 2008 … Read More

Biodiesel Willie

Chuck2007 Conference, Audio, Video

The Emily Richards concert is over now and in case you missed it we have some audio and video for you. Last year Emily performed a Biodiesel Willie song which she remixed for this year with her new band. I’ve got the live version for you here in both video form and audio. Listen to the Biodiesel Willie Song live … Read More

XM Bill Mack Show Live From San Antonio

Chuck2007 Conference, Video

The Bill Mack show on XM Radio is being done live here at the conference each day on the trade show floor. Joe Jobe and Daryl Hannah were guests this morning after the opening session. This video starts out with Joe doing a Convoy rendition but it gets better after that. Biodiesel Conference Blog sponsored by

Media Room Walk Through

Chuck2007 Conference, Video

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed door of the media room at a conference like this? This video provides you with a glimpse. I did a little walk through of the media room when it was in full action this morning. When you get multiple broadcasts going off at the same time it can get pretty … Read More

John Deere Interview

Chuck2007 Conference, Audio, Video

As you know by now, the sponsor of the Biodiesel Conference Blog is John Deere. I met with Don Borgman, John Deere representative attending the conference this morning and recorded the interview you can watch above. If it’s not available yet, just give it a few minutes since I just uploaded it. I also recorded it as an audio interview … Read More

The Second Amendments

Chuck2007 Conference, Video

At half time of the Super Bowl party here at the Conference The Second Amendments played. This is a bipartisan rock band organized by the guitar-playing Minnesota Democrat, Rep. Collin Peterson, whose gravelly drawl sings most of the songs. The band includes Reps. Kenny Hulshof (R-Mo.) on drums, Thad McCotter (R-Mich.) on lead guitar, Jon Porter (R-Nev.) on keyboard and … Read More

Pumping BioWillie At Pearson’s

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

We had a big promotional event today at Pearson Ford Fuel Depot here in San Diego. This took place after the conference which is why I haven’t posted much since this morning. I’ll be having a lot more in the next several days so stay with me. Back to today though. Willie Nelson Biodiesel, the company in which Nelson is … Read More

Willie & Annie Nelson Win Award

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

Willie Nelson and his wife Annie received an “Eye On Biodiesel Award” from the National Biodiesel Board this morning. Later, I was able to interview both of them during his big media event at the Pearson Ford Fuel Depot where they announced that they would begin selling “Bio-Willie.” You can listen to my interview with Willie and Annie here: Willie … Read More

Willie Nelson Press Conference

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

I’m guessing that you are wondering what Willie Nelson had to say. I’ll have a lot more Willie here later today or tomorrow. I recorded his press conference and you can listen to his answers to questions from the reporters. Unfortunately we weren’t able to record the questions. You can listen to the Willie Nelson press conference here: Willie Nelson … Read More

Emily Richards In Concert

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

Emily Richards gave a great performance last night at 4th & B. One of the songs she played was dedicated to the people in the biodiesel business. It’s the same one I provided a link to yesterday (Sacrifice) and it’s included in the section of her concert that I edited out for you here. You can listen to a couple … Read More

The Emily Richards Session

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

Tonight we get to see Emily Richards perform. Emily is a singer/songwriter that vocally supports biodiesel. She really looks good on a bike too! I interviewed Emily earlier in the day to learn about why and how she supports renewable fuels. Emily says biodiesel is bada*s! You can learn more about her on her website. You can listen to my … Read More

EPA Administrator Inspects Vehicles

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

After his speech this morning EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson visited the Ride & Drive area outside the convention center. One of the things he said was, “Renewable fuels like biodiesel are the next step in our steady march toward cleaner, healthier air.” He also said that, “President Bush and the EPA are encouraging investments in the technology that are powering … Read More

Luke Perry Champions Biodiesel

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio, Video

While we’re on the subject of press conferences how about the one today with Luke Perry and Daryl Hannah. Daryl is sure getting on the blog a lot isn’t she? Luke and Daryl held a press conference this afternoon. Afterward they were headed out to the Ride and Drive (I’ll have more on that later). I’ve got audio from the … Read More

Josh Tickell Meets The Press

Chuck2006 Conference, Video

After he spoke on stage at the opening session, Josh Tickell, author of “Biodiesel America” participated in a press conference. I thought you might be interested to see what one of these press conferences is like so I took a short video clip for you to watch. You can download the news release here: Biodiesel America Release (Word doc) You … Read More