Making Magic Happen with Biodiesel

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JawsUniversal Studios announced today that it will increase the amount of biodiesel it is using at the popular Orlando theme park.

In a press conference today at the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo, David Winslow, Senior Director Engineering and Environmental Sustainability Technical Services, for NBC Universal, says the park is converting the ourboard engines that take guests from the park’s hotels to the attractions to B20 biodiesel. In addition, the percentage of biodiesel will be moved up to B50 and possibly even as high as B100 down the road.
David Winslow
The resort has already been running biodiesel in all of its mobile diesel engines, including its work trucks and employee shuttles. Winslow says the expansion of the use of biodiesel is only natural. “It’s the right thing to do for our environment. The resort is running cleaner, smoother, and greener thanks to biodiesel.”

So when guests go to see the Jaws attraction, they’ll be able to jump out of their skin as the mechanical shark makes his deathly lunge fueled by biodiesel.

I went to Universal just a few minutes ago to see firsthand how they are using the green fuel. Although Jaws was closed for scheduled maintenance, I still got to see behind the scenes where they fill up all of the vehicles with B20 biodiesel.

Check out this short movie I made (not quite Spiderman, but I’m working on it!).

Also, you can hear all of Winslow’s press conference he held today here: [audio:]