Green Machines On Display

Chuck2006 Conference

Taking the term, “green machine,” to a whole new level is the shiny Earth Biofuels vehicle that’s on display here in the convention center. There are actually a number of vehicles on display. I’ll try to find out more about them and fill you in when I do. Share this:ShareEmailPrint

Luke Perry Champions Biodiesel

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While we’re on the subject of press conferences how about the one today with Luke Perry and Daryl Hannah. Daryl is sure getting on the blog a lot isn’t she? Luke and Daryl held a press conference this afternoon. Afterward they were headed out to the Ride and Drive (I’ll have more on that later). I’ve got audio from the … Read More

Josh Tickell Meets The Press

Chuck2006 Conference, Video

After he spoke on stage at the opening session, Josh Tickell, author of “Biodiesel America” participated in a press conference. I thought you might be interested to see what one of these press conferences is like so I took a short video clip for you to watch. You can download the news release here: Biodiesel America Release (Word doc) You … Read More

Daryl Speaks At Opening Session

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio

I know I already posted an interview with Daryl Hannah but I also recorded her comments this morning at the opening general session. Daryl said she was nervous speaking off the cuff in front of such a big crowd so she wrote out her remarks. Sounds good Daryl. Keep it up! Podcast File to use with your subscription software: How … Read More

“Biodiesel America” Author On Stage

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio

We’ll have a book signing party later tonight but to get our interest up Josh Tickell, author of “Biodiesel America” made remarks during the opening session. Tickell talked about the need for renewable fuels and gave some interesting statistics about how quickly we consume fuel every day. Podcast File to use with your subscription software: How To Subscribe Share this:ShareEmailPrint

USDA’s Thomas Dorr Speech

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio

At the opening general session, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development, Thomas Dorr, gave a speech. He talked about President Bush’s interest and support for renewable fuels even though he’s an oil man from Texas. Podcast File to use with your subscription software: How To Subscribe Share this:ShareEmailPrint

NBB Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio

The Chairman of the National Biodiesel Board is Darryl Brinkman. Darryl spoke during the opening general session. He’s a farmer from Illinois and welcomed everyone to the conference and talked about the huge growth in the industry. Podcast File to use with your subscription software: How To Subscribe Share this:ShareEmailPrint

Welcome To the Conference

Chuck2006 Conference

The conference has officially kicked off with the opening general session. To get us started, NBB CEO Joe Jobe, welcomed everyone and discussed the current situation in the biodiesel industry. The opening session also included remarks from NBB Chairman, Darryl Brinkman, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development, Thomas Dorr and Biodiesel America author, Josh Tickell. I’ll be posting audio from their … Read More

Sunday Super Bowl Party

Chuck2006 Conference

It’s only half time so I wonder who’s going to win this one. It’s Super Bowl party time and I think everyone’s having a great time.” There’s plenty of food. Bratwurst, Chips & Salsa, Sandwiches, Soda and of course, Beer. We’re getting treated to the Rolling Stones during the half time show. The serious business kicks off tomorrow and we’ll … Read More

Conversation With Daryl and Charris

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio

The first celebrity to really support biodiesel is Daryl Hannah. Daryl is here attending the conference as she says “to keep learning more.” I got to sit down with Daryl and Charris Ford, who is the founder of Grassolean Solutions and talk about her involvement and the important role biodiesel plays in our environment. You can listen to my interview … Read More

A Green Conference Reminder

Chuck2006 Conference

I’ve already alerted you to the fact that every effort is being made to make this conference “green.” Once you arrive there are reminders all over that urge attendees to conserve and recycle. This effort has been coordinated by the Spitfire Agency. Share this:ShareEmailPrint

Great Conference Weather

Chuck2006 Conference

It may be winter and cold in some parts of the country but not here in San Diego. Flowers are blooming everywhere and the weather is beautiful. The National Biodiesel Board staff are mostly from the home office in Missouri and I’m sure a lot of our attendees are from some pretty cold climates. Getting to spend a few days … Read More

Pre-Conference Sessions Well Attended

Chuck2006 Conference

One of the Pre-Conference Sessions is on BQ-9000. This session is designed to provide you with the information you need to become an Accredited Producer or Certified Marketer of Biodiesel. I’ll have an interview later, which will be part of our podcast series, with Leland Tong, Marc IV Consulting, who was one of the presenters of the session. He says … Read More

Meeting On The Harbor

Chuck2006 Conference

Did you think bananas grew on trees? Wrong. They come in on boats. This Dole banana boat is in from Ecuador. One of the reasons to attend this year’s National Biodiesel Conference is for sunny, warm weather. The San Diego Convention Center is right on the harbor. You can see everything from aircraft carriers to container ships like this one … Read More

Conference Overview Interview

Chuck2006 Conference, Audio

Part 2 in our series of podcasts is with the National Biodiesel Board’s Director of Operations, Donnell Rehagen. Donnell provides us with an overview of the Conference which is just getting underway today. Donnell say that this year’s Conference is just about twice as big as last year. He says that we have a wide range of types of attendees … Read More

Registration Area Packed

Chuck2006 Conference

It’s pre-conference seminar morning and this is a busy place. Just prior to the start of the opening sessions today the registration lines were long. There’s obviously a lot of interest in the learning part of this conference already. Later on today we’ll also get into a little fun with a Super Bowl Party. Share this:ShareEmailPrint

Pre-Conference Events Offer Social & Educational Opportunities

Chuck2006 Conference

Here’s a picture I won’t get to see tomorrow. That’s where the National Biodiesel Conference Golf Tournament will be taking place. I’ll be travelling to get there. Let me introduce myself, I’m Chuck Zimmerman and I’ll be your blogmaster and podcaster through the Conference. I’ve been retained by the National Biodiesel Board to create and post to this blog as … Read More

NBB Announces Washington, DC Office

Chuck2006 Conference

I know this isn’t a Conference-related announcement but it’s big news and we wanted to bring it to you here on the blog too. The National Biodiesel Board announced today it will be opening an office in Washington, DC, starting March 1, 2006. The office will focus on federal regulatory and legislative issues impacting the biodiesel industry. In addition to … Read More

Biodiesel Conference Goes Green

Chuck2006 Conference

You heard it right. That’s because “renewable fuel and sustainable practices go hand in hand.” The National Biodiesel Conference & Expo focuses on the renewable fuel biodiesel. But in many ways the conference itself this year will be renewable, and better for the environment, just like the fuel. The 2006 conference, Feb. 5-8 in San Diego, has gone “green” for … Read More

Biodiesel America Book Pool Party

Chuck2006 Conference

In his new book Biodiesel America, energy expert and bestselling author Josh Tickell shatters the lie that America must remain dependent on Middle East oil. Tickell shows how biodiesel, a cleaner burning fuel made from vegetable oil, could bring over one million jobs back to rural America, invigorate our economy and create a stable domestic fuel supply, while leaving our … Read More