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22 Comments on “How To Subscribe”

  1. Good luck with your conference. Just wondering, is it OK on this web log to ask about grease cars? (diesels converted to run on waste cooking oil) Wanted to network with any of your readers who are doing this. Thanks

  2. I would like some information/POC/groups working with algae to biodiesel process. I have read the 20 year NREL study and I am currently growing Nannochloropsis and Isochrysis to learn how to grow algae. Any information in this area would be greatly appreciated.

  3. More info. I will check again. I am interested in home and auto application. Sounds like I should check with a Farm Chemicals kind of delivery system.

  4. We were unable to make the Conference, but we have two biodiesel sites available in the heartland of America. Both are on north-south/east-west railroads. Call Mike at 217-259-8552.

  5. I am very interested in the Biodiesel Conference. Unfornately I could not attend the conference at the time. However, I am very intersted in the topics of :
    1. Boodeiesel Plant Feasibility : Making the right decision
    2. Biodiesel Production Technology Course
    3. Refining Industry and Biodiesel
    4, Biodiesel and New Enginine Technology
    5. Engine Testing on New and Existing Engines
    Would you like to confirm How I can get the course/conferences materials.
    Your kind attention is highly appreciated
    Best Regards,
    Surya Armansyah from PERTAMINA (Indonesia Oil and Gas Company)

  6. Cool!
    That was a great conference! I would say thank all the people who organized and maintained the program. I would appreciate all the ambition and performance of the Joe Jobe and other members for this cool job.

  7. Sir
    we are from India. we value your Biodiesel blog as one of the greatest tool to propagate Renewable energy.we are from Tamilnadu and spreading the impending dangers of Energy security.we are proud to say India will emerge as top Leader in Renewable Energy.

  8. we are just looking Biodiesel investors from USA to India.we will provide support in getting Equity Participation..we have vast areas as Barren Lands very suitable to plant oil bearing trees and we will render all Logistical help.
    we are now Producing Biodiesel
    if anybody wants Biodiesel pl mail us

  9. I am very much interested on promotion of Jatropha Cultivation.Being Founder of an NGO SAVE and Promoter of a self-help Cooperative in the name and style of Sanbala Vikas Swayang Sahayak Samabaya Kendra Limited I have started promotion of Jatropha Culivation last year. About 3000 pplants already planted by our farmers and the endeavour for planting more jatropha plants on. We with the support of two agencies interested to cover huge area under jatropha cultivation involving the farmers of this region. We are in need of assistance. Any interested institution company wanting to support us may contact for promotion jatropha cultivation and processing of Bio-Diesel in future course on a long term basis.

  10. Have funding in place. Seeking large scale Biodiesel, Ethanol investment opportunities in the USA and Canada..

  11. Please get me in touch with Bill Pas. We have 4 Fagen 110mmgy plants ready for funding. Call me at 605-860-1405 or e-mail me…….Thanks…Paul Casper

  12. The crux of the biodiesel production/use economics is the cost of feedstock and simplicity of production process.

    Cheaper raw materials like high FFA oils, non-edible oils, Fatty Acid Distillates (like soya, cottonseed, other edible oil rejects at the bottom after refining), etc. are ideal feedstocks.

    We are working through our in-house R&D on these. Would like to join hands with co-researchers, biodiesel manufacturers, consultants, biodiesel prospective producers or enthusiasts for a dialogue for mutual benefits.

    Surendra Mohnot
    Spa Group
    21-23 Navketan
    M. C. Road, Andheri (E)
    Mumbai 400 093, INDIA

    Tel: +91 22 26875485
    Fax: +91 22 26874716

  13. Mr. Sam Kale

    Apart from my above message regarding cheap feedstock for biodiesel, we are also doing research on algal biodiesel and we have conducted some basic lab research and have worked on small quantities of algal lipids extracted by us in lab.

    We want to join hands with interested parties (VC, private equity, researchers, prospective producers) to work on mutual beneficial terms.

    Rajasthan and Gujarat, with abundant sunlight, are our target algae production areas for set up controlled photo-bioreactors.

    Surendra Mohnot
    Spa Group
    21-23 Navketan
    M. C. Road, Andheri (E)
    Mumbai 400 093, INDIA

    Tel: +91 22 26875485
    Fax: +91 22 26874716

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