First Conference Podcast – Joe Jobe

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The first post in the National Biodiesel Conference Podcast series is ready for you to listen to. Before we get to that though, you might want some to visit our “How To Subscribe To The Conference Podcast” page. We’ll post an announcement about each podcast right here and you’ll be able to instantly click on the audio file link to listen. After you subscribe, your computer will automatically download the podcast to your computer and/or audio player. Then you can listen wherever and whenever you want.

We visited with National Biodiesel Board CEO, Joe Jobe, and interviewed him about the upcoming conference. Our interview is a little less than 10 minutes. In the interview Joe describes the history of the Conference, the agenda, who attends and talks about the trade show. The Conference will conclude with a live XM Satellite Radio broadcast with Willie Nelson and Joe describes how that came about. In fact, we will have that broadcast recorded and included in our podcast series.

Here’s our first National Biodiesel Conference Podcast: Listen Here Now (MP3 File 4.6MB)

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