Working for Biodiesel in Washington, DC

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Meet the newest member of the National Biodiesel Board team in Washington, DC. Anne Steckel – Vice President of Federal Affairs. Anne spoke during today’s general session and talked about the challenges facing the industry. She also pointed to what is being done to ensure success including:

First, we have a great track record in Washington. These victories are laying the groundwork for the tremendous potential the industry holds.

  • In 2011, we saw tremendous growth and record production after winning the biomass-based diesel carve-out in the RFS program and getting biodiesel designated as an Advanced Biofuel.
  • We prevailed in the U.S. Supreme Court to withstand a strong effort by the oil industry to begin dismantling the RFS.
  • And even as Congress has cut spending dramatically, we have made a strong case that biodiesel is a worthwhile investment and done well in continuing USDA grants.

Anne urged everyone to make personal contact with their local elected officials since that will have the most impact during this chaotic year in politics.

Listen to Anne’s remarks here: Anne Steckel Remarks

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