Pre-Conference Events Offer Social & Educational Opportunities

Chuck2006 Conference

San Diego GolfHere’s a picture I won’t get to see tomorrow. That’s where the National Biodiesel Conference Golf Tournament will be taking place. I’ll be travelling to get there.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Chuck Zimmerman and I’ll be your blogmaster and podcaster through the Conference. I’ve been retained by the National Biodiesel Board to create and post to this blog as they use the newest forms of online social communication to provide you with the latest news and information. We sure hope you like it.

I mentioned the Golf Tournament, which is just one of several pre-conference events to choose from.

Others include:

Multiple Sunday Sessions: (BQ-9000, Biodiesel 101, Biodiesel Plant Feasibility and NBB Membership)

I’m really looking forward to the: Superbowl Party and Welcome Reception

The Conference really gets going Monday morning with the opening general session. I look forward to bringing you interesting and informative information during the coming week.