Optimus Takes Center Stage at NBB18

Cindy Zimmerman2018 Conference, Audio

A semi that runs on 100 percent biodiesel literally took over the stage at the 2018 National Biodiesel Conference. The Optimus Technologies truck served as the backdrop and screen for all of the mainstage events at the conference.

Optimus has developed aftermarket technology to enable B100 use even in the coldest climates. With its controller and second heated B100 tank system, Optimus is providing fleets an easy and cost-effective way to use pure B100 biodiesel in their existing vehicles and reduce carbon by 80 percent at a fraction of the cost of conversion to other fuel alternatives being considered that don’t provide as much carbon reduction, like compressed natural gas.

Optimus founder and CEO Colin Huwyer talked about the success of their biodiesel conversion technology:
Colin Huwyer, Optimus Technologies

2018 National Biodiesel Conference