Biodiesel Conference Goes Green

Chuck2006 Conference

You heard it right. That’s because “renewable fuel and sustainable practices go hand in hand.”

The National Biodiesel Conference & Expo focuses on the renewable fuel biodiesel. But in many ways the conference itself this year will be renewable, and better for the environment, just like the fuel. The 2006 conference, Feb. 5-8 in San Diego, has gone
“green” for the first time.

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) has hired an agency to minimize the conference’s environmental footprint. One of the first environmentally friendly changes that attendees will notice at the conference will be sustainable beer at the conference kickoff Super Bowl party. New Belgium Brewery is a fully wind-powered craft brewer distributing throughout the western U.S. Not only is it a biodiesel supporter, the brewery uses biodiesel in its trucks. NBB and CoreVentures, a sponsor, also teamed up to give attendees reusable cups for the duration of the conference. Recipients are encouraged to reuse them throughout the week, because doing so may win them a prize.

Real coffee mugs, rather than disposable, will greet attendees the next morning. Throughout the sessions and activities, those without their souvenir Super Bowl cup will have other environmentally friendly cups to use. Americans go though 110 billion disposable cups a year, so replacing the conference cups with Bagasse, a material made from sugar cane stalk, helps make a difference. “We are an environmental organization, and we think it’s important that we take steps to protect the environment in every way possible,” said Joe Jobe, CEO of NBB. “Greening the conference is something small we can do to contribute. It also helps us raise awareness about ways to be environmentally friendly – in addition to using biodiesel.” (Full Release – PDF File)

The Conference is getting closer and we’ll have a lot more information for you here on the blog.