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More biodiesel please. If you can find more biodiesel it was definitely at the 10th Annual National Biodiesel Conference in Las Vegas. Ok, so even though you were’t exactly taking home barrels of biodiesel, you could win $1,000 in free biodiesel as part of the More B for Me campaign. I got the scoop from Alicia Clancy who is the Manager, Corporate Affairs for the Renewable Fuels Group (REG), the country’s largest More B For Mebiodiesel producer.

Clancy said the goal of the promotion is to increase awareness of biodiesel use in farming equipment – trackers, trucks, etc. While many use a B2 or B5 blend, Clancy said all farm equipment is approved for use up to B20. As part of the campaign, farmers (or consumers) are encouraged go to their local co-op or gas station and ask them to offer higher blends of biodiesel.

Here is how it works. Go to to register. You must be a farmer in Iowa (although everyone should ask for more biodiesel). REG is giving away 10 – $1,000 dollar certificates at the end of March, just in time for planting season.

Other sponsors of the program include the Iowa Soybean Association and the soybean checkoff, Iowa Biodiesel Board and the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.

Listen to my interview with Alicia here: More B For Me

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