Making Green Even Greener

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Next Gen Scientists for BiodieselThe group of Next Generation Scientists for Biodiesel can get a little crazy at times. Like in this photo right after their conference luncheon. During their luncheon they heard from a number of professionals in the industry sharing words of wisdom. They were ready to get outside and pose for the camera!

One of those student scientists is Amber White who attends Loyola University. I spoke with her about some of the work she’s doing in the lab related to biodiesel. Right now that focus is on a sustainable treatment system for wash water which is a by-product of the biodiesel production process. Basically, making something green even greener! Amber says funding for her project has come through a large EPA grant to Loyola. Additionally, she was awarded a Fellowship from the EPA this last fall which includes two years of project funding. Way to go Amber.

Listen to my interview with Amber here: Interview with Amber White

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