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Chuck2007 Conference, Audio

Don BorgmanI want to thank our sponsor for this year’s Biodiesel Conference Blog, John Deere, represented here by Don Borgman. The conference is winding down with the NBB Board meeting and a few workshops still taking place. I’m headed home but have a number of posts that I’ll add within the next day, including all the Eye on Biodiesel award winners.

Before Don took off I sat down with him for another interview to get his perspective on what he’s seen and heard here at the Conference. The word “quality” seems to have been a real big focus and Don applauds the the National Biodiesel Board for working even harder on this issue after a few concerns surfaced last year. Don says that in the sessions he participated in there were questions about equipment warranties and the issue of feed stocks since we’ll need to find resources in addition to soybeans to meet demand in the future.

Listen to my interview with Don here: Listen To MP3 Don Borgman Interview (6 min MP3)

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