It’s Cool to be Green

Cindy Zimmerman2009 Conference, Audio

NBB 09 EcoJetThis fast and fancy concept car belongs to Tonight show host Jay Leno and it runs on 100 percent biodiesel.

Steve Hofmann with Jay Leno’s Garage in Burbank is here at the National Biodiesel Conference with the Eco-Jet – showing it off to expo attendees and explaining just why it exists. “Jay has a keen interest in technology,” Steve told me. “This car in particular started off as a jet-powered car that would be really cool and has involved into a green car project in that it runs on biodiesel.”

“We thought while we’re doing a jet turbine engine, why not take advantage of some of the ecological benefits of biodiesel – it’s cleaner burning, domestically produced, renewable and doesn’t have any of that nasty stuff that’s associated with fossil fuels.”

The car has been test driven and hypothetically can go up to 220 miles per hour. “Because its a street legal car we do have to stay within the law,” said Steve.

Listen to my interview with Steve here: [audio:]

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