Hino Trucks Highlight New Game-Changer

Jamie Johansen2014 Conference, Audio

nbb-14-hinoDuring the 2014 National Biodiesel Conference, Hino Trucks showcased their new game-changer: the Hino COE 195h hybrid truck at the Vehicle Showcase. The COE 195h is making its mark in the medium duty truck segment running clean and quiet on B20 biodiesel blends and electric power.

Hino Trucks’ Spencer Nicol is the senior manager for Hino’s Strategic Product Applications. Spencer talks about how using the B20 reducers your carbon footprint and he can’t wait to see it throughout the Midwest.

“This vehicle qualifies for the California HVIP and new New York HVIP where you can get money off. We brought this vehicle into the country last year. Over 300 were sold here in California and they are just starting to expand to the New York City market. By using the B20 we think you can get your payback in about four to five years.”

You can listen to Spencer’s remarks here: Spencer Nicol Remarks

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