Eye on Biodiesel Innovation Award

Cindy Zimmerman2018 Conference, Audio

Scott Fenwick (left) and Steve Howell (right) present award to Earl Christensen

National Renewable Energy Lab Senior Chemist Earl Christensen was honored with the Eye on Biodiesel Innovation Award at the 2018 National Biodiesel Conference.

Christensen has been instrumental in conducting work related to biodiesel stability that has bolstered confidence in B20 by both Original Equipment Manufacturers and end-users alike. In his role at NREL, he has led critical efforts to analyze the positive benefits of stability enhancing additives in pure biodiesel, as well as the positive impacts of re-additizing B100 whose oxidative reserve has gone down over time. His recent work showed all samples of current market B20 biodiesel blends meeting today’s ASTM specifications had a minimum simulated shelf life of at least one year, with many samples having simulated shelf life of over three years. With re-additization, values were extended to over four years. This work shows that with biodiesel meeting industry specifications, using the proper handling and storage practices, it is possible for B20 to be stored as long or longer than petroleum diesel currently in the marketplace, potentially opening the door to new biodiesel markets where storage longer than one year is needed.

Listen to the award presentation and comments here: Eye on Biodiesel award Earl Christensen

2018 National Biodiesel Conference