Ride & Drive on Biodiesel

John2008 Conference, Audio

The NBB featured a “Ride-and-drive” session this morning, where people could get a chance to get behind the wheel see how biodiesel performs in real vehicles… a Dodge pickup truck, a Jeep Cherokee, and a Volkswagen TDI. This is the first year the Ride-and-drive event was opened to the public in an effort to show people that biodiesel needs no … Read More

Daryl Hannah Makes Appearance

Cindy Zimmerman2008 Conference, Audio

Green actress and “sustainable summiteer” Daryl Hannah has been a part of every National Biodiesel Conference since the beginning and this year was no different. “We need to educate ourselves in sustainable feedstocks, production and distribution models,” said Daryl. “We need to take the lead and rebuild the faith and the promise of biodiesel. We need to support the still … Read More

Leadership Conversation

Cindy Zimmerman2008 Conference, Audio

The leadership of the biodiesel industry sat down on stage for a “truck stop” conversation. NBB Chairman Ed Hegland conducted the meeting with Vice Chairman Gary Haer of REG, Inc., Emily Bockian Landsburg of Philadelphia FryoDiesel who is chair of the newly formed Sustainability Task Force, and NBB Secretary Graham Noyes of Imperium Renewables. The conversation runs a little long … Read More

Opening General Session

Cindy Zimmerman2008 Conference, Audio

National Biodiesel Board Executive Director Joe Jobe got the first general session underway this morning with condolences to New England Patriot fans. Being a Giants fan himself, Jobe was doing the happy dance for his team! New feedstocks for biodiesel is really the main focus of this year’s convention, with the theme “Navigating a Changing Landscape.” To emphasize the opportunities, … Read More

Foundation Raises Money for Research

John2008 Conference, Audio

One of the things going on at last night’s Super Bowl party was the National Biodiesel Foundation raising money for research, especially in issues such as feedstock development and climate change. In charge of that fundraising effort is the NBB’s Tom Verry. We chatted a bit about how the foundation would use the money raised from the donations for autographed … Read More

Going Nose-to-Nose with Jack Youngblood

John2008 Conference, Audio

What a game was last night’s Super Bowl! It was an exciting, hard-fought game that went back and forth, and it came down to heroics from both teams on both sides of the ball. One of the best parts was being able to enjoy the game with a crowd of great biodiesel folks with a great spread thanks to party … Read More

Hard Rocking Super Bowl Party

Cindy Zimmerman2008 Conference

It has become a tradition for the National Biodiesel Conference to really kick off each year with a Super Bowl Party. This year’s event was held at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios and the place was packed with green biodiesel backers rooting for teams in red, white and blue. One of the highlights of the evening was a … Read More

Green Fuel, Green Conference

Cindy Zimmerman2008 Conference, General

It’s easy being green at Gaylord Palms is the sign that greets guests arriving for the National Biodiesel Conference in Orlando and even Kermit the Frog would agree. NBB has retained the services of The Spitfire Agency to ensure that the conference generates as little waste as possible. Greening efforts include waste reclamation, digital marketing as opposed to print or … Read More

Interview with NBB Chairman

John2008 Conference, Audio

Just after we flew into the sun and warmth of a beautiful Central Florida day, Cindy was off to track down Ed Hegland, chairman of the National Biodiedsel Board. She caught up with Ed at a session on sustainable biodiesel production where a new sustainability task force was announced. Listen to Cindy’s interview with Ed: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/nbb/nbb-08-hegland.MP3] We’ll be here through … Read More

Conference is Underway

Cindy Zimmerman2008 Conference, General

The 2008 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo is officially underway in Orlando at the beautiful Gaylord Palms resort. Registration actually got started Saturday with early birds participating in the 2008 Golf Tournament sponsored by BASF. Pre-conference sessions were held Sunday afternoon on Train the Trainer/Biodiesel 101, Biodiesel Plant Feasibility and benefits of NBB membership. Also on Sunday was the Sustainable … Read More

Do You Know This Man?

John2008 Conference

Well, if you don’t, you will by the end of the 2008 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida next week. I’ll be there with Cindy Zimmerman covering the event for DomesticFuel.com and posting on the conference blog as well. One of the items I hope to see (and bring to you) is a press event that will highlight … Read More

Ready To Rock In Orlando?

Chuck2008 Conference

It’s time to look ahead once again to the next National Biodiesel Conference. Orlando sure sounds good in the winter. Once again you’ll find all the sights and sounds of the greatest show in the industry right here on the Conference Blog. We’re looking forward to it. If you haven’t registered then “git er done.”