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Representatives Rock The House

Representatives at General SessionAt this morning’s general session a panel discussion was held that featured U. S. Representatives, Collin Peterson (D-MN), Kenny Hulshof (R-MO), Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) and Dave Wheldon (R-FL). These are also the members of The Second Amendments, the band that played at half time during the Super Bowl party yesterday.

They talked about their vision of our nation’s energy future. The moderator for the session was Gene Gebolys, World Energy Alternatives and NBB Regulatory Chair.

I recorded the session for you in its entirety: Listen To MP3 Representatives Rock The House (34 min MP3)

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XM Bill Mack Show Live From San Antonio

The Bill Mack show on XM Radio is being done live here at the conference each day on the trade show floor. Joe Jobe and Daryl Hannah were guests this morning after the opening session. This video starts out with Joe doing a Convoy rendition but it gets better after that.

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Media Room Walk Through

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the closed door of the media room at a conference like this? This video provides you with a glimpse. I did a little walk through of the media room when it was in full action this morning.

When you get multiple broadcasts going off at the same time it can get pretty loud. It’s almost as if the louder you speak into your mike, the better you’ll sound on the other end.

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John Deere Interview

As you know by now, the sponsor of the Biodiesel Conference Blog is John Deere. I met with Don Borgman, John Deere representative attending the conference this morning and recorded the interview you can watch above. If it’s not available yet, just give it a few minutes since I just uploaded it.

I also recorded it as an audio interview to add to our podcast series as well. Don talks about the John Deere renewable fuel initiative and says that the company has actually been supporting biodiesel for some time.

Listen to my interview with Don here: Listen To MP3 Don Borgman Interview (7 min MP3)

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Michael Peterson Interview

Michael Peterson and JoeOkay. So I lied. Here’s Joe again. This time with Michael Peterson.

Michael is a country music star who is a very passionate supporter of farmers. He’s here with us this week and I got a few minutes with him during half time of the Super Bowl. See if you can hear the passion in his voice when he talks about America’s farmers and how important the development of renewable fuel sources is.

Listen to my interview with Michael here: Listen To MP3 Michael Peterson Interview (4 min MP3)

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Hogging The Publicity

Joe on a ChopperI promise I won’t post another picture of Joe Jobe for at least a few minutes.

There’s a big trade show here at the conference and you’ll not only find companies involved in the production and promotion of biodiesel exhibiting here but some unusual vehicles like this one Joe is posing on.

It says it’s the Bootlegger and it even has a brass shot glass built into the fuel tank.

Larry Hagman Interview

Larry Hagman on AgriTalkRenewable energy advocate Larry Hagman is on hand here at the the conference. Here he’s being interviewed live on AgriTalk.

I caught up to Larry while he was rehearsing his remarks for today’s opening general session. Larry says he’s just installed solar panels to fuel his home and he’s here to learn more about biodiesel. He says he’s got some farmer friends for whom he’s very happy to see a growing market for what they grow.

Listen to my interview with Larry here: Listen To MP3 Larry Hagman Interview (4 min MP3)

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Joe Jobe Opening Speech

Joe Jobe Opening SessionWe just can’t get enough of the head guy here on the blog. Joe Jobe kicked off the general session in grand style.

Joe talks about the priorities and activities of the National Biodiesel Board. I’m waiting on a transcript of his speech which I’ll post a link to here as soon as I get it.

Post Update: Here’s a link to the transcript of Joe’s Speech from the session: Joe Jobe Speech (Word Document)

In the meantime, I recorded his speech and you can listen to it here: Listen To MP3 Joe Jobe Speech (12 min MP3)

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NBB Board Member Bob Metz

Joe and Bob MetzOne of the board members for NBB is Bob Metz, a soybean grower from South Dakota. He’s pictured here to the right of NBB CEO Joe Jobe.

I interviewed Bob about his thoughts on the state of the biodiesel industry, especially from the standpoint of a farmer. He says that soybean growers have invested over $40 million in the development of biodiesel and he’s happy to see how well those efforts are paying off.

You can listen to my interview with Bob here: Listen To MP3 Bob Metz Interview (4 min MP3)

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Joe on TV

Joe Jobe on TVThe CEO of the National Biodiesel Board is Joe Jobe and he’s been a busy guy.

Right off the bat on the opening afternoon the local CBS tv station (KENS) caught him in the registration area. This was a nice timely interview which was used in their post-Super Bowl newscast last night.

The media are welcomed in and we have a nice room to work out of close to all the action.

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The Second Amendments

Second AmendmentsAt half time of the Super Bowl party here at the Conference The Second Amendments played. This is a bipartisan rock band organized by the guitar-playing Minnesota Democrat, Rep. Collin Peterson, whose gravelly drawl sings most of the songs. The band includes Reps. Kenny Hulshof (R-Mo.) on drums, Thad McCotter (R-Mich.) on lead guitar, Jon Porter (R-Nev.) on keyboard and Dave Weldon (R-Fla.) on bass.

If you were not lucky enough to be here for the party then you can still see what they’re like on YouTube.

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Online Photo Album

I’m uploading all my photos each day to a Flickr Photo Album. I got started this evening and there’s already over 100 photos available.

To see the photos now and throughout the conference just visit this link: Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

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Daryl Says Get Off The Dinosaur

Jenna and DarylJust like last year, one of the first persons I ran into here is Daryl Hannah. Daryl has been to every National Biodiesel Conference and can’t believe how much it has grown. She’s pictured here with Jenna Higgins, Communications Director for the National Biodiesel Board during rehearsals for tomorrow’s opening general session.

I spoke with Daryl about the conference and what she thinks about the work the National Biodiesel Board is doing. Daryl says that we need to make sure that what we’re using as a renewable fuel is sustainable and that we need to get off our dependence on fossil fuels.

You can listen to my interview with Daryl here: Listen To MP3 Daryl Hannah Interview (4 min MP3)

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Are You Ready For Some Football and Biodiesel?

Super BowlThe excitement is building for the National Biodiesel Conference.

I’m on my way and should arrive in time for the Super Bowl party which is one of the “traditional” kickoff events for the conference.

We’ll be watching all the action and making new contacts within the industry. I should start posting most frequently starting Monday. So until then . . .

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2007 Conference Overview With Joe Jobe

Hello from the biodiesel blogger. Once again this year I’ll be your conference blogger and posting pictures, interviews and video clips during the conference which kicks off this weekend. To get us started I interviewed National Biodiesel Board CEO, Joe Jobe. Joe gives us an overview of what we can expect.

You can listen to my interview with Joe here: Listen To MP3 Joe Jobe Conference Overview Interview (7 min MP3)

Remember that all my interviews will be podcast so you can subscribe to them in your favorite podcatching software (I recommend iTunes). You can find out more about how to subscribe here. This will be episode 22 since all the original 21 interviews from last year are still available to you.

We also have a conference blog sponsor this year and want to welcome and thank John Deere. Representatives from the company will be attending the event. This means you’ll be seeing the following tagline in all my posts:

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Looking Ahead To 2007

2007 National Biodiesel ConferenceIt’s time to start thinking National Biodiesel Conference 2007. I’m guessing that’s why we’ve seen a big increase in the number of visitors here to the Biodiesel Conference Blog.

I know we haven’t posted anything since the 2006 Conference but that’s because this is a conference blog. That means that we’ll start posting some news and information leading up to the 2007 event and then it will get hot and heavy during the show.

So keep us on your radar as we get ready for an even bigger and better National Biodiesel Conference in 2007!