AgriTalking With New Holland

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AgriTalkOur sponsor for the National Biodiesel Conference Blog is New Holland. Unfortunately, Gene Hemphill, New Holland, was not able to join us here due to the weather problems on the east coast.

However, he did participate in today’s AgriTalk program which was conducted live in the media room here at the Conference. Pictured is AgriTalk host Mike Adams who spoke with Gene live via phone on the radio show.

In the segment of the show you can hear Gene talk about the relationship between New Holland and biodiesel. It has been a strong one for over two decades. He says they’re putting their efforts into promoting their support of biodiesel in shows like the National Farm Machinery Show which will take place later this week in Louisville, KY.

You can download (mp3 file) or listen to the New Holland segment of today’s AgriTalk here: [audio:]

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