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Report the theft of your identification

Report the theft of your identification information to your local police force. Ensure that you are given a report number and record it for future reference. Banks and creditors sometimes need proof of the crime to erase debts created by identity theft.

And in the UK? All rosy? The gender pay gap still stands at 18 per cent as of 2012. It is estimated that 70 per cent of rapes go unreported. Only one in five on FTSE 100 boards are women. This won’t obviously affect the reader experience (unless you’re offended by the Wired house ad that’s suddenly appeared above my banner), but it should make it more fun. For one, it will bring more readers to the blog and thus introduce more voices to our already lively comments section. Second, it should create some interesting cross pollination with the other excellent Wired blogs in the network.

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