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HomenewsHeadlinesPipeline protesters optimistic, will stay in campsDog found in rubble of downtown Sioux Falls building 48 hours after it collapsedFirefighters pull woman from Red RiverFeds won’t grant permission to finish controversial pipeline, ND officials blame ObamaNew view of neighborhood: Fargo to research what to do in Roosevelt areasportsHeadlinesScoreboardWentz, Eagles battered in CincinnatiGophers accept bid to Holiday Bowl in San Diego Dec. 27Cook: Coaxing the Supermoon buck into rangeWhen the lakes freeze, these are the places where the fish are hidingSheSaysHeadlinesVisiting plans for loved one with Alzheimer must be adjustableThere no age based life on senior ability to live independentlyTwitter Talk: Mapleton teacher spoke about using technology in the classroom at Twitter headquartersTiming matters for vitamins, mineralsA vote for baby futurevarietyHeadlinesScotch draws today headlines / Dec. 5, 2016Evergreen ways to spruce up home for the holidaysAway from Home: Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaA reminder to slow down, be thankfulSwift: Future self and now self often in conflictbusinessHeadlinesUsher House to quit serving lunch in order to focus on evening meal and catering business New Jimmy John location has opened in West FargoHires and promotions (Dec.

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Cheap NBA Snapbacks Several dozen people came out in the rain to protest a prosecutor’s decision not to charge a Charlotte police officer in the shooting of a man that caused two nights of violent protests in North Carolina’s largest city.Media outlets reported that the protesters gathered supreme hats Wednesday evening outside Charlotte police headquarters. They remained calm, chanting and waving signs.Many of them say they don’t believe Charlotte Mecklenburg District Attorney Andrew Murray’s report that Keith Scott had a gun in his hands when he was shot Sept. 20.They also don’t believe that black officer Bradley Vinson shot Scott Cheap NBA Snapbacks.