Deere Helps Biodiesel Celebrate 25 Years

Cindy Zimmerman2018 Conference, Audio

It was 2001 when the use of B5 biodiesel was approved in all John Deere engines, and today many are approved up to B20. John Deere was one of the first OEMs to embrace biofuels and that support continues to be strong as every vehicle is filled at the factory with a biodiesel blend in the fuel tank.

Steve Geick is Director of Industry Relations at Deere and was scheduled to be the presenter at the Biodiesel Vehicle Showcase, but unfortunately, a blizzard in Minnesota delayed his travel by a day so that job fell to the NBB’s very capable Steve Howell, who knows the company’s biodiesel commitment as well as anyone. Geick did get to enjoy some time at the conference celebrating the 25th anniversary of the NBB along with the 100-year anniversary of the very first John Deere tractor – the Waterloo Boy.

On display in the Biodiesel Vehicle Showcase was the 5075E, one of Deere’s line of 5E Series utility tractors with a wide range of applications, from arable farming, to small-scale livestock and dairy production.

Listen to Steve Howell filling in for Steve Geick here: NBB18 Steve Howell for John Deere