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First Day of Activities

NBC Conference SessionThe first day of activities are about to conclude here in Ft. Worth. Things got kicked off with a number of sessions on different topics before our general session featuring the speech from Joe Jobe. I have some additional items from today I’ll be posting as time allows and hope to have all coverage completed by the end of the week. From today this includes a leadership discussion with industry leaders and some special recognition for a very special person.

Right now I’m heading downstairs for our Alternative Vehicle Showcase and Student Poster Session. So please enjoy the photos I’ve got uploaded for you to view and share so far.

2015 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

Meet the Press with Joe Jobe

Press with Joe JobeAfter this morning’s general session NBB CEO Joe Jobe met with the press. This gave reporters a chance to ask specific questions about not only his earlier speech but also more background and details on what is happening (or not happening) with the RFS and tax credits.

Listening in will give you a good sense for what kinds of questions reporters are asking. As you may guess, politics and what might or might not happen in 2015 consumed a lot of the discussion

You can listen to the press conference here: NBB CEO Joe Jobe Press Conference

2015 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

NBB CEO Fires Up Conference Attendees

Joe JobeTalking about how much the truth matters and calling once more for cooperation from the petroleum industry on the RFS, Joe Jobe, CEO, National Biodiesel Board, got attendees fired up this morning during his opening general session speech. He received a standing ovation at the end of the speech when he loudly proclaimed:

2015 is the year we get back to the future of this program. Back to the future of this industry and this country. We are the ones on the right side of history, and we have a powerful force on our side. The truth. So rise up with me people. Rise up and tell our story. Rise up and take the RFS back in 2015.

Only by diversifying the transportation fuels market and providing competition to crude oil can the U.S. truly achieve energy security, he explained.

“The RFS is a good policy – it is pro-competitive, pro-consumer, free-market capitalist policy,” Jobe said. And, “2015 was intended to be a turning point for the RFS,” he said. “For the first seven years, conventional biofuel was designed to lead the growth in volumes until 2015 where conventional biofuel is statutorily capped at 15 billion gallons. From 2015 on, advanced biofuels are intended to lead the growth of the program. And so far, biomass-based diesel has emerged as the only domestically-produced, fully commercialized advanced biofuel.”

You can listen to Joe’s full speech here: Joe Jobe Speech

You can find a press release on the speech with this link.

2015 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

Starting Off the 2015 Conference

National Biodiesel ConferenceThe 2015 National Biodiesel Conference & Expo is just kicking off in Ft. Worth, Tx. We’re at the Fort Worth Convention Center and our opening general session will take place tomorrow morning. Keep an eye here for information from the sessions as they take place over the next couple days.

I am thrilled to be working as the Biodiesel Blogger again for what will be the 10th year!

So, let’s get things started with some pictures. I’ve got an online conference album started for your viewing and sharing pleasure: 2015 National Biodiesel Conference Photo Album

2015 National Biodiesel Conference

2015 National Biodiesel ConferenceIt’t that time! Time to look ahead to the 2015 National Biodiesel Conference. Here’s an excerpt from NBB CEO, Joe Jobe, as he looks ahead.

In my seventeen years in the biodiesel world the most predictable dynamic of this growing industry has been unpredictability; a constant evolution of the market and its ever-transforming challenges. Managing through the ups and downs of business cycles and market changes is a part of every business. But we have had more than our fair share. For many it has been do or die at almost every turn. Since day one, this industry’s success, or size, or even very birth has been peppered with unknowns and all out battles for a spot at the transportation energy table. This year is no different.

So get registered if you have not yet and make your plans. Besides great professional improvement and motivating speakers there will be lots of opportunities for industry networking. Let’s get motivated and we’ll see you there.