Be willing to take full


Be willing to take full, 100% responsibility for behaving in a way that makes you feel worthy, safe and powerful. Be willing to be who you really are rather than trying to impress. I once bowled at Frank Woolley in a Test match and he was one of England’s greatest players and I got him out about the fourth ball, I think. I got him caught at short square leg by Stan McCabe. I met Woolley about a fortnight later, and at about this time he was getting towards the end of his career, and he said to me, “Bill, they put me in that fifth Test with the one job, which was to hit you out of the game.” I said, “I knew it, Frank, because the England journalists have been saying that I am no good against left handers, and so when you came in, I think you only got two runs.” He said, “Yes, and do you know what? They didn’t even tell me that you bowled a wrong’un!” He hit a little dolly catch up in the air to square leg..

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