Josh Tickell Meets The Press

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After he spoke on stage at the opening session, Josh Tickell, author of “Biodiesel America” participated in a press conference. I thought you might be interested to see what one of these press conferences is like so I took a short video clip for you to watch. You can download the news release here: Biodiesel America Release (Word doc) You … Read More

Interview With Biodiesel America Author

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Josh Tickell is the “Biodiesel America” author who spoke at the first general session of the conference. I got to sit down with him for a personal interview. Although I asked him not to give away the exciting ending of the book Josh does pretty well summarize what you’ll find if you buy his book. You can order it from … Read More

Book Sales Were Brisk

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At first glance you may think he’s running for office and getting ready to kiss the baby. Actually it’s Josh Tickell getting ready to sign a book for this lady. If you haven’t purchased your book yet I’m sure you can still find one at the NBB booth in the trade show.

NBB Booth

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It looks like a book store but it is the National Biodiesel Board booth. They’re selling Josh Tickell’s book here but there’s a lot more information available. Stop by and meet the staff and learn more about what NBB is doing besides this conference.

“Biodiesel America” Author On Stage

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We’ll have a book signing party later tonight but to get our interest up Josh Tickell, author of “Biodiesel America” made remarks during the opening session. Tickell talked about the need for renewable fuels and gave some interesting statistics about how quickly we consume fuel every day. Podcast File to use with your subscription software: How To Subscribe

Welcome To the Conference

Chuck2006 Conference

The conference has officially kicked off with the opening general session. To get us started, NBB CEO Joe Jobe, welcomed everyone and discussed the current situation in the biodiesel industry. The opening session also included remarks from NBB Chairman, Darryl Brinkman, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development, Thomas Dorr and Biodiesel America author, Josh Tickell. I’ll be posting audio from their … Read More

Biodiesel America Book Pool Party

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In his new book Biodiesel America, energy expert and bestselling author Josh Tickell shatters the lie that America must remain dependent on Middle East oil. Tickell shows how biodiesel, a cleaner burning fuel made from vegetable oil, could bring over one million jobs back to rural America, invigorate our economy and create a stable domestic fuel supply, while leaving our … Read More